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Courses for 2016:


Q1 2017: An unique ESG event - ESG for Corporates & Investors


Quantifying & Reporting ESG Performance - The New Sustainability Math for Business

London 28 March 2017


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Event synopsis: ESG for Corporates & Investors



1 day executive workshop for CSR, Risk, and ESG professionals who need a clear and effective strategy for quantifying Sustainability (ESG) performance and assess the ROI and strategic fit of Sustainability Ratings, Standards and Sustainability Reporting Initiatives.

Developed in conjunction with globally renowned Sustainability practitioner Mark Tulay (GISR and Sustainability Risk Advisors, USA), this unique and first of its kind Master Class course will provide the information, insight and practical tools to help corporate executives assess:

  • The New Sustainability Math: Benchmarking the ROI of corporate sustainability/CSR initiatives

  • New tools, techniques and best practice for measuring corporate value and value creation

  • Current and future impacts, risks and opportunities of the most widely used global sustainability reporting standards and frameworks

  • The investor perspective and the emergence of a new form of activist ESG investor - and what this means for your company and stakeholder management

  • Evaluating the business relevance of thousands of ESG metrics in play today: Translating the myriad of qualitative ESG factors into quantitative dashboard-ready metrics

Topics that will be covered include:


  • Choosing the right mix of metrics: What is the best benchmark to assess performance - performance over time, sector-based measurement, normative, relative to a baseline year, combination of the lot?

  • Unlocking the mystery of distinguishing Materiality from Relevance: How do the leading ESG standards and ratings determine what's material? How does this fit with your company's internal ESG performance benchmarking? How can companies engage more effectively in this new landscape to shape its future?

  • Time Horizon Considerations: What is the right mix of short vs. medium vs. long-term goals? Introduction to and impact of new initiatives that seek to foster 'long-term capitalism'

  • Role and influence of ESG Standards and Frameworks: How is the market likely to evolveover the near, medium and long-term? What are the distinctive roles and strategic fit of these emerging standards? What are the drivers and suporters for each of these and what does this mean for your company?

  • Deciding how to invest limited resources to optimize impacts, outcomes and outputs: What are the factors that should influence companies' decisions on corporate ESG/CSR/Sustainability Reporting? 



GTQ's in-house seminars can be tailored exclusively to the needs of your organisation and brought directly to you. Our world-acclaimed presenters can create customised programs with exclusive materials and timings that suits your agenda. Train larger groups of people at cost-effective rates.

Our training covers the following areas:

  • ESG integration for responsible investment
  • Sustainable insurance
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Biodiversity action plans
  • Competitive Intelligence